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Vegan Mango French Toast with Coconut and Ginger

April 23, 2014

When I was a student at Spelman, I used to love brunch!  Actually I still do. But back then it was real special.  For starters I got to wake up late. (Yes Lawd)  And then I got to start my day in Spelman’s cafeteria with waffles or biscuits and lots and lots and lots of syrup and butter.

Those were the days.

I also was about 30 pounds overweight and a heavy Compulsive Overeater.

I found comfort in bready, syrupy breakfasts.  Even though they gave me yeast infections and lethargy like a mug .  .  . I still made them a staple and highlight at that time in my life.

When I got serious about healing my self, I had to make changes to what I ate.  I was afraid to say goodbye to a lot of my favorite foods . . . so I didn’t.


Instead I said HELLO to new recipes.

One of those recipes was this Vegan French Toast.  Back in the day, you would catch me whipping up heavy cream, eggs, sugar and cinnamon to a creamy perfection.  Yes, it tasted great!  BUT the new body that I was creating showed me how it affected me.  It made me mucousy and drousy.  And that’s a no-no.

So I veganized it with coconut milk, spiced it with ginger,  sweetened it with pure maple syrup and topped it with pureed mangoes and coconut cream.

The coconut milk was a no brainer – it was creamy and thick like heavy whipping cream MINUS the hormones and cow pus, mucous and blood that can be found in cow’s milk.  The ginger was my zinger and digestive warrior. It added pizzazz and it also went inside my body and kicked mucous’ ass.  The maple syrup was the equally sweet alternative to regular white sugar.  And the mangoes served as a replacement for maple syrup.  It helped me get fiber into this otherwise starchy breakfast and deliver the sweetness that I was looking for.  As for the butter.  Y’all I still like butter.  There is something about the salty creaminess and the way it glides off of hot things.  Butter is sexy.  But healthier arteries are sexier.  So I decided to opt for coconut whipped cream instead.  Btw, it does that sexy glide thing too.

Watch and see 😉



Vegan Mango French Toast with Coconut and Ginger

A quick and easy vegan French Toast brunch packed with delicious health!



  • 4 slices of challah bread (or any thick bread that absorbs well)
  • 1 cup coconut milk ( I made mine with ⅓ cup coconut cream and 1 cup water)
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 2 TB pure maple syrup
  • 8 oz. frozen diced mangoes
  • ⅛ cup of coconut sugar
  • Coconut Whipped Cream to taste


  1. Blend coconut milk, ginger and maple syrup. (If you are not already using a prepared coconut milk, then you can make it by blending coconut cream and water together.)
  2. Pour into a bowl, shallow and wide enough to dip your bread.
  3. Over low heat, combine mangoes and coconut sugar in a sauce pot and let simmer for 15 minutes. (Do this step first so that it will be ready by the time your French Toast is finished)
  4. Heat skillet over medium to high heat with a bit of coconut oil
  5. Slice bread in 1′ slices and dip in mixture making sure to coat both sides.
  6. Remove from liquid, shake off excess and place on hot skillet.
  7. Gently fry until golden brown on both sides.
  8. (This takes about 2 minutes per side)
  9. Serve French Toast with Mango Coulis and Coconut Whipped Cream.

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