Emotional Eating

Eating Guidelines for When You’re Bored at Work

January 18, 2022

At some point back in 2015, I found myself sitting in a work meeting, bored out of my mind with an overwhelming desire to order food.

The process of ordering food, conjuring up ingredients, scanning the photos and descriptions on meal delivery sites, imagining the tastes in my mouth had become my thing.  The THING I did anytime I wanted to escape boredom, discomfort or simply procrastinate.

Additionally, I was inhabiting a body that I didn’t really feel comfortable in.  To the outside I looked great, but I truly felt an unease.  I’m sure it had a lot to do with the regular occurrence of binge and emotional eating that often left me queasy.

So this instinct I had to flee the current moment and numb the feeling by eating something yummy was really a feedback loop.  I felt crap. I ate tasty crap. Which made me feel more crappy and then I was back again! So over the years I’ve created some eating guidelines to help me and hopefully you’ll find them helpful too.

  1.  Your Body is Not a Dumping Ground
    1. Just because there are leftovers or free food around, doesn’t mean that you have to eat it.  Feeling frustrated? Relief isn’t found in cookies.  It may give you a temporary smile, but so will a hug
  2. The Body Talks – Listen Im
    1. If your stomach has not delivered you a message of “hunger” then there is no need for you to eat.  It knows when it’s time.  Trust your inner body clock and not the corporate lunch or break clock.
  3. Beware of Munching the Moments
    1. When 3pm rolls around and you’re just waiting for the clock to strike 5, what better way to let the time pass than with something to snack on? No….don’t fall into this trap.  This type of eating is
      1. idle = boredom
      2. emotional = a need to express a feeling
      3. stressful = a need to relieve stress

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