Vegan Shakshuka

North African breakfast dish made vegan with “eggs” and rich stewed tomato sauce.





  1. On medium heat, saute red onion in a medium sized skillet (8-10″ diameter)
  2. Once onion is softened, add in garlic, cumin, smoked paprika and any other seasonings you desire.
  3. Once fragrant (about 30 seconds) stir in tomatoes.
  4. Once the tomato sauce taste as you desire (check to see if you need to adjust with salt or other seasonings), then add your chick peas and greens.
  5. Turn to a slow simmer and prepare your egusi egg.
  6. In a small bowl whisk ground egusi, turmeric and black salt.
  7. Add water TB by TB to form a pancake like batter. It should be pourable AND be able to stick to the whisk for a moment before dripping off.
  8. Make wells in the tomato sauce and drop 2TB of egusi egg in these wells. (See video for visual instruction starting @ 10 minutes)
  9. Cover the skillet and allow egusi “eggs” to steam for 20 minutes over a very low heat.
  10. Once egusi “eggs” are cooked, you’ll know because the texture will be firm and no longer liquid, remove from heat, top with chives and vegan cashew cheese (optional) and serve with warm toasted bread and avocado.


If you want to make the version with real eggs, try this recipe