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Whipped Cardamom Coconut Cream

December 21, 2020

Whipped cream from scratch used to be my favorite topping for desserts.  I’d never tasted something so creamy, rich and light.

I thought that giving up dairy would mean that I would have to give this up too . . . . . .then the internet taught me how to make whipped coconut cream.

Now, there is still nothing that compares to dairy whipped cream, but this comes close.

Making whipped cream is less of an exact recipe and more of a process that requires your presence and vigilance.



To begin start with a 13.5 oz can of cold coconut cream.  It’s important that this is cold so that the solids separate from the liquids.  The fresher the can the better (if it’s near it’s expiration date, it may not work)

Reserve the liquid in the can and scoop out the solids into a cold bowl.  This is the bowl you will mix the coconut cream in.

Using an electric mixer, begin mixing the solid coconut cream.  It will begin to break apart and the heat generated from the mixer will soften it overtime, so that it gets creamier.

If you find that it’s still like smaller chunks of butter and not creaming properly, then add 1 TB of the reserved liquid at a time until you have a a nice creamy texture.

Turn off your mixer and add 1 tsp cardamom powder and mix again until well incorporated.

Lastly, turn off your mixer and add 1 TB of maple syrup and mix again.

You may find that the cream gets slightly runnier, not to worry, just place in fridge and allow it to stiffen while you prepare your dessert, french toast, fruit or whatever you plan to eat this with.


Instructions for how to make this are also in this video starting at minute 1:40


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