Jerk Chicken Nachos

A Jamaican inspired nacho recipe with jerk spice, mango salsa, avocado sour cream and plantain chips





  1. While using your favorite poaching method to poach your chicken, prepare your jerk sauce
  2. Puree tomatoes, onion and garlic in food processor or high speed blender. (I left a few chunks because I like to bite into onion pieces.)
  3. Add tomato puree to a large dutch pot and turn heat to low.
  4. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well and let simmer. (If you’re daring and want more of a kick, add 1-2 more TB of jerk paste)
  5. Once finished poaching the chicken, remove from poaching liquid and shred the chicken.
  6. Once shredded add the chicken to the finished jerk sauce.
  7. Save the leftover poaching liquid in a clean tightly sealed glass jar and use wherever a recipe calls for chicken broth
  9. Layer a mix of plantain chips, cassava (yucca) chips and corn tortilla chips on a cookie sheet.
  10. Top with jerk chicken
  11. Add shredded cheddar cheese
  12. Place under broiler just long enough for cheese to melt.
  13. Remove from broiler and top with mango salsa, queso fresco and a drizzle or dollop of avocado cream.