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Diets are Like Relationships. You Gotta Find THE ONE.

June 17, 2021

Diets are like relationships.

You gotta find the right one.


Just like you can’t date anybody.

You can’t just eat any and everything.


If you’ve been struggling with finding the right diet for you, 

Perhaps you should start treating it like a relationship.


There’s a way to find The One.

It involves vetting, dating and committing to the process.


Think about dating . . .

When you meet someone, you have to vet the person to make sure they’re worth dating.


Then once you start dating, you begin to see if you enjoy the person.

Do you experience a level of ease? 

Do you look forward to being with them?

Do you vibe with this person?

Do you mesh with this person?

Do your lives and schedules allow time for one another?


If it’s a yes, then you commit to the process, 

Because clearly it’s working for you.


If it’s a no, then you go back to the swiping on your dating app

Because clearly The One is still out there.


Finding a dietary lifestyle that works for you 

is no different.

Before I D.E.T.O.X.ed and learned to have a loving relationship with food,

I was out of integrity and alignment with food.


I was eating that which was not designed for me . . . 

And yet still wanting and hoping that it would work for me.

I often emotionally ate hoping the food would fill my holes and make me whole.

Can you relate?


Then I started vetting my food.

I read the ingredient labels to find out what was really inside.

Was it a trick or a treat?

Was it made of ingredients that were nutritionally sound?

When I ate it, would it love on my insides?

Was it full of God’s natural, wholesome bounty of energy and vitality?

Just like my dates, I wanted to make sure that eating (insert food) would be worth my time.

Just like my dates, I was only interested in consuming that which would plant seeds of love and life throughout my being.


What about you?

Are you still trying to find a diet (dietary lifestyle) that works for you?

Perhaps it’s time for you to D.E.T.O.X. and find The One.


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